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MKT Highload Anchor SZ First heavy duty anchor with variable embedment depths

The Highload Anchor SZ is a high-performance through install anchor system, with plastic compression ring and triple-segment special sleeve.  The offer the user the highest permissible loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete, even with reduced spacing and edge distances. It is available in galvanized steel and A4 stainless steel versions with hex head, countersunk head and with threaded stud and nut.

The first European Technical Assessment with variable embedment depths for a heavy duty anchor now enables even higher load capacities in many cases by setting the anchor deeper. As a result, dimensions can be optimized and the Heavy Duty Anchor SZ can be used even more economically and diversely.

The program was expanded with the new size SZ 32/M24, which again allows up to 60% higher permissible loads, thus opening up new application possibilities.



  • Maximum permissible loads for a mechanical anchor in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • From M8 approved for seismic loading C1 + C2
  • Approved under exposure to fire R30-R120
  • Listed by ICC-ES
  • Shock-tested by the Federal Office for Civil Protection in Bern
  • Versions with hex head (SZ-S) and countersunk head (SZ-SK) for visually appealing finish
  • Removable flush with the surface (only the cone and the expansion sleeve remain in the drill hole)



Medium to heavy anchoring in the cracked and un-cracked concrete, e.g. steel columns, railings, machines, scaffolding, consoles.