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MKT Wedge Anchor BZ3

Through the combination of the highest approved tensile and shear loads with variable anchorage depths, the newly developed Wedge Anchor BZ3 with European Technical Assessment, sets standards in performance and flexibility of mechanical Expansion anchors.

In many cases, with the same setting depth as before, it allows higher loads, which can be further increased by deeper setting. This can save fixing points or fastenings can be realized, that have not been possible with a wedge anchor. However, setting with a reduced anchorage depth reduces drilling and setting effort and reduces the risk of reinforcement hits. The innovative calculation method in dependence of anchorage depth and concrete thickness, enables smallest spacing and edge distances for the respective application. This flexibility allows a perfect adaptation to the installation situation and allows more economical fastenings. By optimization of the material, the geometry and the manufacturing process, performance under the influence of earthquakes was significantly increased. Fewer turns until the tightening torque is reached and a colored marking of the minimum anchorage depth enable shorter processing times with higher installation safety.

The BZ3 Wedge Anchor also allows the optional use of the HM cap nut. The HM cap nut prevents, due to the closed form, injuries and allows new design possibilities for architecturally demanding applications



    • The Wedge Anchor with the highest approved loads and variable anchoring depths
    • European Technical Assessment in cracked and non-crackend concrete (Option 1), under seismic action of category C1 and C2 and for use in fire (R30 - R120)
    • For higher loads under seismic action, the annular gap between the Wedge Anchor BZ3 and the fixture can be filled with MKT adhesive, by using the Filling Washer VS
    • Low minimum anchorage depths
    • New calculation method in dependence of the anchorage depth and the thickness of the concrete component
    • The high flexibility enables the optimal adaptation to the installation situation for maximum efficiencyt
    • Extra short versions
    • Fewer turns until the tightening torque is reached
    • Coloured marking of the minimum anchorage depth
    • Shock approval by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection