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The MKT Injection System VMH has the highest permissible loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete and has improved  performance, so that now up to 30% higher load capacities are possible. It consists of a styrene-free hybrid injection adhesive and the existing metric anchor rods VMU-A, V-A or the internal threaded rods VMU-IG. Likewise, commercially available threaded rods with inspection certificate 3.1 (for example MKT VM-A) or reinforcing steel can be used.

The variable anchoring depths of the MKT Injection System VMH allow maximum loads and flexible adaptation to each installation situation. In combination with the MKT anchor rods VMU-A, V-A or with standard anchor rods with inspection certificate 3.1, the MKT Injection System VMH is also approved for loads under seismic loading category C1 and C2 (M12-M24).

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) for post installed, bonded reinforcement connections extends the application possibilities of this high strength anchoring adhesive.



  • Maximum permissible loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • Versatile due to the wide range of metric MKT anchor rods (VMU-A, V-A) and internal threaded rods (VMU-IG), or by using standard threaded rods with inspection test certificate 3.1 (for example MKT VM-A)
  • Variable anchoring depths allow flexible adaptation to any mounting situation
  • High efficiency due to maximum load capacity and variable anchoring depths
  • Approved under seismic loading of performance class C1 (anchor rods M8 - M30, reinforcing steel Ø8 - Ø32) and C2 (anchor rod M12-M24 steel zink plated, A4 or HCR)
  • Drill hole  with hammer drill, compressed air drill or suction drill
  • High short-term temperature resistance up to + 160 ° C for fastenings exposed to high heat.
  • Substrate temperature during processing -5 ° C to + 40 ° C, even in damp concrete
  • Opened cartridges can  be stored and used with a new static mixer 



Anchoring heavy loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete:
Steel structures, railings, baseplates, supports, consoles, facade construction.

Reinforcing steel in cracked and non-cracked concrete with shear forces:
Shear mandrels, wall connection reinforcement, concrete joints.